If you think you might have TMD, please review the following questions. If you answer Yes to any, we invite you to schedule a TMJ consultation today. Contact us.

  1. Have you had any recent injury to the head, neck, or jaw?
  2. Do you have frequent headaches?
  3. Do you have difficulty or pain when opening your mouth (including yawning)?
  4. Does your jaw ever “go out” or become “stuck” or “locked” in an open position?
  5. Do you have difficulty or pain when chewing, talking, or using your jaws?
  6. Are you aware of any noises in your jaw joints?
  7. Do you have any pain in or around your ears, temples, or cheeks?
  8. Does your bite feel uncomfortable or unusual?
  9. Have you had any previous treatment for a jaw joint problem?


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